Flyover of an old house I built
This shows the geodesic dome house I built in 1978. Click your mouse on different parts and it will display information for you. Note: for this interactive graphic to work properly, you need a browser which supports JavaScript

Old work of art I built with my own two hands in summer of 1978. After police work all day -- I'd work 'til dark and then drive back twenty five miles to my apartment in West Nashville. In 1986 I was finishing up some instrument flying work when I flew over old home -- leaned out of the little Cessna and snapped a photo. It's located at 4120 Baxter Road in Joelton about 4 miles off I24/Whites Creek exit. It's now covered with shingles. Geothermal heating but the people living there now don't know about that feature since when I built it I had finished my undergraduate engineering degree. Currently I'm an Associate Professor with Vanderbilt University EngM - EECS

Early construction Close-ups and interior Second dome during construction View of Southern side

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